Growing Garlic

At Ottawa Garlic Co, we plant our seed bulbs in October. This allows for the garlic to take root before the harsh winter germinates the cloves.

From April to mid-June, the garlic emerges and grows into 8-9 leaved plants around 2 feet tall. Neither pesticides nor herbicides are used when growing our garlic. In the beginning of June, the garlic grows its scape and flower (See photo). This delicious and highly sought-after garlic by-product is removed in mid-June and prepared for sale to the public.

Depending on the variety and summer conditions, the harvest time in Ottawa is anywhere between the first and third week of July. The garlic is extracted from the ground, by hand, and bunched up to hang for curing. We use an old fashioned barn cure, which takes a little longer than curing in a climate controlled facility. We believe this extends the garlic’s storability. Curing takes around 2-4 weeks depending on humidity and heat levels, after which it is prepared for sale to the public in August.